About Recipe Options

Recipe Options is made by Mike and Kristina Kidd. Most of the recipes here are posted by Mike, who worked in restaurants starting in high school, and continued as a cook working his way through college. Cooking became a hobby when it wasn’t a job any more. Kristina has a few signature recipes of her own to share, and she helps out with ideas to continually improve this site.

There are plenty of food and cooking blogs out there- the aim of this one is to help you make the best, most delicious meals possible, as cheaply and easily as possible. We’re not food snobs, but we like to eat well. We’ll try to take the mystery out of creating fine meals for beginners, and hopefully give experienced cooks a few new ideas. We both like many different kinds of food, and that will show up in the variety of recipes we post. Some recipes are original, some are our own variations, and we’ll share a few family recipes too. Maybe we can give you some inspiration if you’re stuck for ideas on something new to make for dinner.

Feel free to offer your own suggestions for improving the site, and if you try making any of the recipes, let us know how they turned out! We’d love to hear from you.

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